fusing moretti glass sheets


Wendy this is what I have learned about fusing soft glass, how ever this was for 1/8in.thick, two, 4in squares one on top of the other.Now, I want to do 10x10in sheets. So, this is for the 4in size !-Prepare inside of kiln and the kiln shelf with kiln wash. Mix dry kiln wash with water until it becomes the consistancy of cream.  2-heat kiln to 500 degrees put shelf in kiln and leave a 1in. kiln brick in between lid and bottom. To let the moisture out. I forget how long, I think 30 min, but I will look it up again in the morning. Take 2 glass pieces 4-4in clean them well and make sure they are dry.4- Set kiln-washed shelf on work table handle on edges only to keep clean.. Set it flat on the shelf and then place the next piece on top of the first shelf.Make your design using frit and stringers( don’t over lap glasses much at all.6- Set glass prepared into kiln. Fire kiln to 1000degrees at the rate of 600 degrees per hour. Watch the temp on the pyrometer.7- fire to 1175 degrees and hold that temp. for 30 minutes.8-Fire from 1175degress to 1450degress as fast as possible9-at 1450degrees wait 10 min. then look though the peep-hole. The glass shoulder should be rounded. Keep checking every two to three min.It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to fuse at 1450 degrees10-lift lid once the glass has fused. Keep opening and closing the lid until the temp.drops to 1000degrees.Then let the glass rest with the lid closed for ten minutes.11=Drop temp. to 950degrees and hold at that temp.for 30 minuutes. This is the anealing stage.(insures glass is heated evenly)12-turn kiln off and let it cool to room temp. Now I’m wondering if the temp and hold time needs to change for larger pieces. What do you think? I’m off to bed-2:15 AM,Oh My! I need to have this done and down to Pilchuck School by Thusday this week. I think one of my artist friends called and gave my name to the school because I got a letter from the school board asking for one of my art pieces for their Gala Auction in October. Heaven knows the girls have been trying to get me back in my studio for a long time. So, if that was the case ,it worked!! Nobodys saying, but I know those girld are big fat liers!! I’m sure glad what ever happened,it worked!! I own a small business. I’m my only employeee. I do Hair Design and Licensed Massage Therapy, so that keeps me pretty busy. Anyway, I’m off to lala land. I hope I didn’t make too many printing mistakes, but really its so late. I’ll check back in the morning.It stays light here until 10:30 pm so far north, summers are wonderful, winters not so much! Thank you Wendy

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