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I have had the Quick Fire 6 for several years.  love it.  I think you will quit using the microwave kiln after using it once.  You will get a lot better results.

People who ruin a kiln usually fire too hot, past 1600-1700 degreesF and the glass becomes liquidy and run off the shelf.


Just take a small piece of the Kokomo  and test it.  I have seen it slumped for lamps.  Some times “regular” glass will change colors after firing (like regular Spectrum wispys) and not be pretty.  That’s why you test regular glass.


Have fun with you new kiln.


Paul has some tutorials at the top of the page.  A really good book is Brad Walker’s Comtemporary Warm Glass.   Brad has tutorials on his website also.   http://www.warmglass.com     If you are using Spectrum 96, you can go to their website and see suggested temperature ranges to fire to.


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