Fusing jewelry


The mindset of most glass artists is toward larger pieces. Jewelry sized pieces are a whole different world. Much much easier.

For a full fuse my schedule on a jewelry piece that is 2 (or 3) layers is as follows:

AFAP to 1050 hold for 15 min

100 dph to 1250 hold 10 minutes

AFAP to 1525 (depends significantly on the kiln) hold 12 min.

Crash cool to 960.

Once there crack the kiln slightly and let cool to about 400.

If you are on a mullite shelf, you can don your gloves and remove the shelf and let air cool (making sure there is no draft where you set the shelf).

Total time in the kiln until removel…about 3 hrs.

I have a tutorial on my site explaining this along with other schedules for jewelry.


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