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Thank you everyone who has offered up suggestions.  I will say that I got the Boyce book and it really doesn’t help me with what I am looking for.
To answer the question about do I want the rings totally rounded – no, I understand that they will be flat on one side.  I am trying to create the donuts from the necks of the glass bottles which you see tons of on the internet.  I just can’t seem to get mine to look like what I have found.  I am referring to the glass donut rings you mostly see used in jewelry.  I know they mass produce them so I have a hard time thinking they are grinding each one. I understand that grinding is needed, but I would like to think not for every single ring.
The suggestion using the rock polishing machine is great and I have seen great results from others that also use that to clean up their bottle glass rings.
I guess this is frustrating me because it seems I find so many people doing it, I feel like I must be complicating the process for myself.  Again, I am so grateful for this forum and all the suggestions you have shared.  I will keep at it, I just love the look of the rings and would really love to make it work.
I have included a link to one of the many I have found on the internet:


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