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Janet, it is complicated to make the fused glass bracelets, more difficult to do than the dvd shows. I also own the dvd, but did take the class with Jayne Persico at Glass Visions at Warner Criv. 2 yrs. ago. I recommend that you take a class from Jayne, you will make 2 bracelets and wire fused glass pieces together that she provides to make a watch. Jayne Persico told me the technique is more difficult to do than how it seems  in the video. She said,” I make it look easy.” I took the class with no fused glass experience, my mistake.  I knew how to do stained glass and thought this is a great way to learn how to fuse glass, the advertisement for the class said all were welcome, anyhow I managed to make 2 beautiful bracelets. It was a little stressful, but I did learn. (sometimes I did get yelled at for a little less than perfect technique, but I did learn and improved my technique and want to do it again) I haven’t made one since (busy family life), but plan on trying since now a own a used AIMS kiln. You must have a correct type of small kiln, keep your elbows up when you slide the tongs(vertical) down the sides of the bracelet(must be a smooth motion). Follow the motion she shows on the video, keeping tongs open when bringing up tongs, Sliding tongs on one side while bring up opposite hand and elbow. Try practicing without glass. Also, I  believe she placed bracelet mold diagonal (More room for the movement) You need someone with you when you do the manipulating to watch the kiln temperature so temp. doesn’t drop too low. Hope this helps.


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