Fused Glass Bracelet


Karen.  Thanks for your answer.  I would love to take a class with Jayne Persico, if she is ever in my area (Maryland).  Those bracelets are simply gorgeous and I have been dying to make some.  I did make one bracelet that turned out OK, but when I tried to do more, I failed miserably.   I have a Jen-Ken table top kiln, so it is pretty easy for me to reach in with the tongs.  I am going to watch the video several more times and attempt to make the bracelet once again.  I got a message from Petra of Kaiser Lee board and what she told me to do was to carve the Kaiser Lee board in the bracelet shape all the way through the board, cover with primo primer, let dry and then put in my frit and larger pieces of glass.  I am going to try this techique also.  Right now I am pretty busy doing shows and festivals, but when I get a bracelet completed from either method, I will post a pix.


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