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I have the exaxt same kiln as you.  Full means “As Fast As Possible.”  In most cases you will be heating your glass up slowly and once it is past the 2nd or 3rd segment (when thermal shock danger has passed) you can many times safely bring the heat up FULL — As Fast As Possible. In your case, let’s say your glass had reached 1150ºF and your next desired target temp. was 1515ºF.  By programing in “FULL”  speed the kiln would increase the temp. from 1150ºF to 1515ºF  as fast as it could. It’s just like running faster when your near the finish line.  In previous segments you may have programmed it to heat up at 300ºF per hour until it reached a desired target temp.

Another time you will use “FULL” is whan your glass has reached its maxium heat target temp. and it’s time to cool the glass down.  You’ll want to bring it down “FULL” speed from 1515ºF to let’s say 960ºF.  At 960ºF the glass will soak for a set time.

Does your kiln have a window?  I don’t want to confuse you, but do yourself a favor and learn how to use the middle red arrow button on the controller.  This allows you to change the the target temp. in the cycle you are in.  Many times you’ll look at your piece during the final heating segement and want to add or decrease the temp. or you’ll want to increase the hold time or skip a segment.

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