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HI Signe, I have used a printable paper for fusing from Delphi Glass (online) which  is called Fusing Photo Paper (about 16.95 US for 10 sheets).
You have to use a black ‘ink’ only laser printer that has a high concentration of Iron in it’s toner. There are lists of many
brands of printers. I purchased mine used online for less than 100.00 with shipping. You print the Photo & can paint it with glass enamels
so it will be colorful after firing.
A new product is available called ‘Creative Images Color Slide’, which you print on a color laser printer OR a color Copy machine
which you apply to your prefired glass, then oven bake at 376 degrees F for 15 minutes. The material it is made of is not unlike Pebeo
Paints that I’ve used at times.

All is available in the US online – I’m hoping you can find it in Europe to avoid shipping charges.
Hope this helps, Barb


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