Former eBay power seller


As a former eBay perennial plant power seller, let me tell you why I got out. When I started selling on eBay, it was populated with early adopters. The website was alive with positive sellers and buyers with a wonderful espirit d’corp.

Over the years, the eBay cummunity has changed. Greed is rampant among sellers and buyers. Feedback games are often a plague to ruin a seller’s reputation by competitiors whille many buyers are unrealistically cheap and use their feedback threats to get even more “something for nothing” from sellers.

IMO, eBay has become a spiritual hell hole and I don’t want to be contaminanted as a seller or buyer. Nor do I want to go through lots of transactions to find the good people who still are on eBay. As an artist, I prefer to support reuptable supliers and use my imagination for supplies I can’t afford. Think about.

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