First Kiln


When I jumped into glass no one gave any advise as to what kiln to buy.  I have regretted my first kiln purchase to this day!  I bought a kiln that couldn’t fuse anything larger than a 12″ mold, In less than 6 months I was purchasing molds that did not fit my kiln.  All the new molds coming out that I really liked were just too big for my kiln. Had to purchase a larger kiln.  My first kiln was octagon-okay, but probably would not recommend, current is oval-and love it!  I wouldn’t purchase a kiln without a viewing window!  I have a shut off switch. I always caution on height of kiln, go for 13″ if you can.  I would also recommend Clay-King…great prices and I found very easy to work with.  If you want to purchase from someone local and the kilns are not on sale, I would ask when the next sale is.  You can make your decision as to wait, purchase from some where else or pay the current price.  I have bought both kilns I have online.

Have fun fusing!


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