firing temps


Well I am setting the BCP-1 on 21/2 then proping the lid for about 10 min. until it reaches 750 degrees,  Then I close the lid and set the timer for 35 min.  It is about 1800 degrees when I turn it off and prop the lid again so it can get back to room temp.  I wait about an hour and take my items out of the kiln once it gets to about 200 degrees.

That is what I was told to do by the person I bought the kiln from.  I used it again yesterday and the same thing happened, all but 1 item has kiln wash stuck to it.  It isn’t to darn easy to get off either. 

Is there a difference between the kiln wash used for ceramics and glass?  I bought the kiln wash at a ceramic shop.  She has the same kiln I do and said it was what she used but she doesn’t know anything about glass fusing.

I appreciate any help on this.  I have a list of questions to ask here soon LOL. 

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