eyes and tears

Dr. C

You can make small flat sided spheres by putting coarse frit on the kiln shelf and heating it to 1490F. depending on the size of frit you will get different sizes of glass spheres with a flat side. As you increase the size of glass the spheres will flatten to domes. Over 1cm square it helps to stack the glass on the kiln shelf to maintain a round symetric result. 

  Tears are another problem. Liquifying glass rod or stringer with a tourch will give you a teardrop shape but to get consistancey of size is difficult. Molten glass likes to be about a quarter inch, so anything smaller would be problematic and labor intensive.

  Last appling glass to ceramic and firing it to ceramic temperatures makes glass very liquid and it may run. I have very limited knoledge of ceramics. My daughters have used it and it make a nice streak effect down the piece but it is to hot for the glass to remain in relief.

Dr. C

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