ebooks endorsement and QUESTION, please.

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First my comments then my request for help follows.

I have the four existing books to date and have used two so far: Tricks With Transparencies and the Strip Cutter.  Tricks is incredibly informative, easy to follow and in succinct order took the mystery out of an area that frankly had me baffled.  I’ll waste much less glass now trying to do the impossible and my designs will be the better for it!  As for the Strip Cutter ebook thanks for spending time and research money at local big boxes figuring this out. The step by step instructions with pictures paired with the availability of relatively low-cost parts is truly invaluable, putting this one important tool in immediate reach of ordinary folk.

As for the help I need: I now have the parts ready to assemble. Since I can’t dedicate space to the cutter weight will be a consideration.  What can anyone recommend as the cutting surface?



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