E6000 vs. Triolyse


Like most of you, I have been using E6000 for quite some time without much trouble of the glass coming off the metal.  I roughen both surfaces with a dremel and then use a tooth pick to apply the glue to the bail and then the bail to the glass.  The glue has a tendancy to "skin over" so I generally remove that part before getting a small glob on the end of a tooth pick.  If I don’t use that same tube for awhile, I do notice it being a bit stiffer to work with and generally will start a fresh tube.


When I first started fusing I tried using Triolyse mainly on smaller pieces (like earrings) and noticed that when I would do outdoor shows the jewelry would sometimes be in direct sunlight and the backings started coming off the back of the earrings.  It was very frustrating…  Maybe I wasn’t applying it right?!  I stopped using Triolysis completely and just use E6000 for everything now and it does the trick for me!


Speaking of pinch bails – does anyone have any suggestions of a good source to purchase them?  Thanks!

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