drilling holes in porcelain dishes


Did you do it with your drill bit and dish submerged in water?

When I drill holes in ceramic or porcelain or terra cotta dishes I get a pan large enough to fit the dish. I place a piece of rubber or foam under the dish in the pan, put water in the pan, and inside the dish where I am drilling a hole. I use a flexible shaft dremel-type drill with the diamond coated bits. I start my drill at an angle at the site where I want the hole and gradually move it vertical as I am drilling the hole. I ever so slightly move the drill bit up and down to try to get the water down into the hole as I drill to help lubricate it and keep it cool. Don’t apply too much pressure though so you don’t break it.  There are other ways to hold the water around the area where you want to drill, like using modeling clay as a dam.

Another option, if the dish is shallow enough…Boyce Lundstrom’s Universal Mold Coat that you mix with paint and coat your ceramic/porcelain/stainless steel molds with and that makes the dishes useable for molds without sandblasting or drilling holes. The coating is not permanent and can be washed off when you are through. There is some controversy whether or not the paint being fired in the kiln is harmful to humans? I have used the product with success.

Hope this helps.


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