difficulty with spiking


Thanks so much for your advice! I tried a different schedule the other day. I have fused three different times with three different schedules. The schedule took forever to run! Also, I still had spiking! At least my carborundun tool (word and sp.?) works great for removing these awful things.  I’ll try your schedule this next week. I’m anxious to see how things work out. I am confused on a couple of things. What ramp do you use to get up to your process temperature from the 1250? What do you consider the process temperature (Paul’s)? There’s a wide range. I figure you mean 1475. What ramp do you use after finishing your 960 hold? At what temperature do you let the kiln cool down naturally (ie.:750?)? I do apologize! I’m just a beginner with lots of questions…. Do you have a tack fuse schedule you like? If you do, would you mind sharing it? When I do master this full fuse I’ll be ready to move on. It seems with the schedules I’ve used for full I lose a lot of the detailing. I’m hoping with the correct full fuse schedule I won’t loose as much. I do realize a tack provides better detailing than a full.

Again, I appreciate your help! Enjoy your week-end!      Cindy

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