Dichroic Jewellery


Hi   I have been making dichroic pendants.  I think there are many ways to turn out something a bit different.  I had a tutor who made her living out of glass partitions & rather big projects.  It meant that her ideas were restricted.  I have a new Evenheat kiln which is for PMC or Glass.  The programs were set for me which makes it a bit easier, however, we all have to get used to the kiln we have.  Can I suggest you contact the company who made your kiln & ask them for the appropriate schedule for your kiln, that could be the starting point.  I have used dichroic on black mounted on black glass & then covered with a larger piece of clear which does make the dichroic colours stand out.  I have now decided to use dichroic on clear but to use other coloured glass to accentuate the dichroic on clear.  You can put the dichroic on face down too, then if you have colour underneath it will look better.  You need to choose your colours well, according to what I read, red goes first otherwise it blocks out all colours beneath it.  Possibly that could happen with cobalt blue as well.  I know a person who sells heaps of jewellery, she experiments a lot but doesn’t put any clear on top.  To me it looks o.k. but the dichroic doesn’t get the same effect being left to just the sunlight or night lighting.  I think Wet Canvas also have a small area for glass fusing, there are also blogs on Warm Glass.  You need to join & go to tutorials for information.  If you are a member you can ask for help.


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