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Stephen Richard

When I use the dichroic glass in a project,do I have to use some kind of clear glass over the top?

No. You get a different effect from capping and not capping, but both are acceptable practices.


 I did not use any clear top layer w/the pendant and it looks just fine.I cannot scratch the dichoric layer off of the glass with my nail.Is putting a top coat of clear glass over the dichroic going to preserve it?Does the Dichroic layer on the glass fade or peel or scratch off over time?

I suppose it is possible that the dichoric coating may wear off over time.  But it has been reported that some dichroic coated vessels have had rough usage without any wear effects.  Glass will scratch with rough usage and so will the dichoric.  But you seem to be making jewellery scale pieces so they should get respectful treatment.


One more question:Can you fuse different brands of COE 90 glass as long as they are all COE90?

A rant warning. 

CoE tells you damm all about compatibility.  It is compatibility that you are interested in – believe me!  There is a lot of CoE 90 glass available ranging from float glass to Wasser glass.   If you use glass from more than one manufacturer, you need to test their compatibility.  CoE nn   does not tell you about compatibility.  In fact the compatible glass from one manufacturer has varying CoE’s within its range.  The other factors in compatibility all influence the fit of the glasses together.

If you want to do a compatibilty test and have not done one before check out my blog:



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