sorry to hear about your problem.Yell i just used the same decals last night and they came out perfectly.  if you still have the directions, please take a look at them for me.   on the back right at the bottom, it says (in bold print) that these are “low fire” decals and to fire them at 1140F-1225F.  since you cannot cap anything at this low temp, i just assumed that these are to be used on top of the piece and without any clear on top.  plus, i read a lot and another site had explained to me (before i bought the decals) that they are to be placed on top of the piece. so, the moral of this sotry is…….decals on top.

so, i hope this helps.  another suggestion is that even though i’m new to this glass fusing/dichroic stuff, i always practice on a couple of pieces the first time i try something new.  i go to my “box o tears” and grab a peice that i’m not so proud of and try new things on it!

well, good luck with the decals, i know that once you get the temp right, you’ll love ’emTongue out candi

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