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A counterweight “system” needs the following:

1) a way to attach cables to the kiln lid.  For a hinged, top-loading kiln this can be as simple as a hook that will lift the lid by an existing handle.

2) a pulley(s) attached to something very sturdy (i.e. roof rafters or the bar on a free standing structure over the kiln)

3) counter weights – something equal to slightly less than the weight of the kiln lid

By running the cable up from the lid, through the pulley(s) and down to the weights, the lid ends up “weighing” only the difference between the actual lid weight and the weight of the counterweights. For example, if the lid weighs 100lbs and the counterweights weigh 80 lbs, the lid will lift with the ease of a 20 lb lid.

Placement of pulleys is key – they have to pull the lid up in the right direction and allow the counterweights to go up and down unobstructed.


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