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Couldn’t you stack the slabs and lay them on their side to fire, so that it is 1 1/2″ thick? I do not know what you are going for, if you want the top slab to flow down into the first from above or just tack them together so they are a single slab. Annealing a 1 1/2″ slab would be considerably faster. I have a chart I found on a Spectrum website some time ago for annealing thick slabs (I can’t find it there now). Below is their reccommended schedule for a piece 3″ thick:

Ramp  Temp Hold (minutes)

100 1250 225

100 1465-1500   (variable)

AFAP 930 720

3 775 120

5.4 600 30

18 100 0

I have not done the math to see how long that would take, probably a week!


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