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I’d say that the most basic problemm is the incompatibility of your glasses.   But even if you are successful in keeping the same COE’s together, stained glass is generally not meant to be fused.   But, I think the bigger challenge here is that you have an infinite switch that you can’t control the temperature of the kiln.   The best thing I can think of is that you purchase an external thermocouple that shows you exactly what the internal temperature of your kiln is at any give number on the dial.  Understanding the temperature of your heated glass is vital to getting pieces that are saleable.  An older kiln should still work wonderfully but you really need to understand what those temperatures and the ranges for the dial really mean.   Get the external thermocouple and start working with your kiln to see what it means when you dial it up to 2 or 3 or whatever number you need for the stage you are working on.  Good luck in your learning curve.   Charlene Fort

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