Comment on refiring schedule

Stephen Richard

“Please review my firing schedule:

200/1000/15-I want to go as slow as possible so it won’t break.”

I believe you said your piece was 12 mm at one side and 6 the other?  If so the initial rate of advance could be 90F to 500F; 125F to 985F (no soaks at either); 160F to top temp.

“200/1250/30 to make suree all glass is at the same temp”

This is a bubble squeeze temperature.  If the rate of advance is slow, no soaks are required to get the glass at the same temperature throughout

“300/1500/ 4 hours long hold to allow glass to move to same thickness

9999/900/2 hours

50/800/00 for a slow cool down



This is certainly slow enough




300/1500/4 hours

I’m still not sure if i should have a hold time 1250.”

No soak at 1250F is required for this piece if you use the slower rates of advance given above.

I’ve cleaned it, flipped it(placed top side on the shelf, and leveled the shelf . Ready to fire. I will to hear your comments on the schedule though!

Thanks again. And I am keeping a log. Susanne

Best wishes

Stephen Richard

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