Clear glass


One of the assignments that I give the cadets at the National Guard Youth Challenge Academy at which I teach Glass Art and Careers is a clear glass fusing project. I cut a bunch of 8 x 6 (or so) sheets of float glass which is given to me by a local glass shop (yes! FREE). The art concept is LINE. They design, cut and glue pieces (Klyr-fire) of glass from the same piece that they use as the base glass. I then tack fuse the pieces. There is a glowing line on the edge of the pieces that have been fused onto the base glass. Those lines delineate the image. Some of the images are starlingly bueatiful. The cadets think the project is lame until they get the fused piece back, then they understand. Try it, you will be suprised at how easy and cool the pieces look.

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