Classes in Bryan/College Station


I highly recommend the trip to Austin for the Helios classes…they are excellent, and the community that’s formed around the studio is a lot of fun.  I’ve been fusing for a few years, and just figured it out on my own (talk about trial and error!).  But since I’ve been hanging out at Helios I’ve stretched the limits of my imagination…being around folks who are on the cutting edge means that you’ll always have inspiration and new techniques to try!  I’ve taken a couple of classes, and people have come in from as far away as Mexico…one lady came in from Norway for a glass casting class (I think her husband was here on business…but it still sounds cool to say that she came from Norway and took a class!)

In Bryan, which is a little more than an hour’s drive from the Woodlands, is Brazos Glassworks.  I know they were starting to do fusing when I was at A&M.  Their website is  They do basic lessons, and the folks are really nice.  They were just getting started in fusing a few years ago.

You’ll find most glass studios do primarily stained glass…most are really stained glass studios that “happen” to fuse.  The cool thing about Helios is that it’s ONLY a kiln glass studio (although there is a separate stained glass studio next door).  With that you get a lot of expertise that you won’t find in most glass studios.  Gosh, I sound like I’m on the payroll.  I’m not!

So if you’re looking in Houston, see if you can find a place that specializes in fusing.  And if not…a road trip to Austin might be in order!

I think the difference is that a lot of folks are starting to get interested in fusing.  You’ll go to craft shows and see cute night lights and fused glass jewelry, and we all do them.  They’re fun, but there’s so much in the world of glass art…I think the techniques learned at a true kiln glass studio will take your creativity to a completely different level.  It’s worth the time to seek out a studio that will challenge your abilities!

And if you don’t find that in Houston…c’mon over!  Laughing

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