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Here is the method that I used and it has worked out to be fairly accurate. I went out and read the electric meter for several typical days, at the same time of day and then divided the total kwh by the number of days. I then did a full fuse firing during a day. I read the kwh during that day and subtracted the difference. I then multiplied the difference times our cost per kwh. I live in the Pacific Northwest and our rate per kwh is pretty cheap compared with most places. A full fuse costs me an average of about $4.00. A pot melt costs about $5.00. Everything else is less per firing. I have kept track for awhile and it is pretty consistent. My kiln runs on a 220 circuit and is 18″ x 18″ x 12″ inside. I never run it without it being full although slumping stuff can be fairly inefficient. I Hope this helps.



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