Bud (Pocket) Vases


We fire up lots of bud vases each spring, with good success.  I agree that you need to fire on a shelf ~ we always fire on thin fire.

Having said that ~ the size of your vase could be the problem.  You didn’t say how large it was.

We try to stick within a  4″ x 6″ format or smaller. 

We also use a single layer of 1/8″ shelf paper for the pocket ~ a second piece can be put on top of this layer, but make it smaller.  Your “cover” glass will shape around it.  Make the opening smaller at the top and larger at the bottom.  That way it holds a good bit of water without spilling easily.

We have also used “wads” of shelf paper that is thicker.  The “wads” are pieces of pre-fired 1/8″ shelf paper (fired for other purposes ~ but saved because it had not totally degraded.)  Harder to use, but nice effect.

You also did not mention how fast you fired your kiln.  I like to speed things along, but for the vases I’ll ramp at about 500 degrees ~ and finish at approx. 1400 degrees or less.  Then cool to room temp ~ don’t peek……ok….fast peek at finish temp.

We had some splitting of the bottom layer if we used any frit & streamer glass for that first layer.

So we don’t use that.  Good luck.  I have one small orange bud vase on my kids site:

http://www.artglass.com  Check it out.

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