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Thanks Kat

Yes, the dish blanks were around 8″ in size, double thickness, so 6mm. The pendants were triple thickness 2mm, so again 6mm in total.

The sides and floor of the kiln are brick and I put the items on a shelf raised by an inch or so with a layer of thin fire paper. The top is a compressed fibre of some kind and seems to be quite effective at keeping the heat in.

It’s interesting that the two items that didn’t complete were towards the edge, but other items that were closer to the edge (the plate blanks) fired no problem. I had deliberately extended the hold time at peak by 5 minutes due to the plates being in many parts, but have previously fired successfully with a shorter hold.

It’s clearly going to be a bit of a learning curve, so I will have a go at a dedicated pendant firing with the pendants more towards the middle and see what happens. I did wonder if putting it all in together was wise – now I know!

When I work out how, i’ll attach a picture of the items and where they were inside the kiln.



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