Be sure to use the right kiln schedule, too!

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I’ve used both…I did find that with dichroic (the super sparkly coated glass), the Spectrum is smoother, and works well for some jewelry designs where I etched a design and wanted it to be precise.  However, I use Bullseye glass almost exclusively.  The selection of colors is nice, they seem to do a lot of research and development.  I would say that find your local shop, look at pricing on “like” colors (maybe pick a black and compare prices).  Some colors are much more expensive, so you can’t look at a piece of black glass at one place and pick a gorgeous purple at the other place….those gorgeous purples will generally be much more expensive.

And BE CAREFUL not to mix them.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than creating a design, only to have it crack later because you mixed 90 and 96 COE.  

Another suggestion…find a good local studio, or road trip to Austin and take a class from Helios Glass.  Their boot camps are amazing.  I learned a great deal from them!


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