band saw or ring saw?

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Coming from someone who has 4 saws, it a matter of what your trying to do with each project. Hence why we now have 4 saws. (we’re not right in the head).

We started out with a Taurus 3, then got a Gryphon C-40, then another Taurus 3, (which we keep it only for the Mega Blade, changing blades takes time away from playing) and finally we got the Taurus Revolution XT with the carriage kit. And yes, it does make a mess but the 45 degree cuts….oh so nice. We started playing around with laminating and this seems to be the best saw for that project. I guess I really didn’t answer your question, but I do have a recommendation see if your glass supplier has whatever saw your interested in and see if you can get face time with it, try it out before you buy it. If your supplier won’t do that, then look for ones that do. I used to be a food broker and we had a old saying, “you can’t sell it (food) if you don’t get it in their mouth”. Same principal applies here. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive. Why not these, a good supplier knows that. Find the one that fills his customers needs. And remember your needs change too, with each project you see something different that you want to change or try differently. Again, this is why we now have 4 saws. Hope this helps. Happy hunting.

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