I try not to glue as it is such a process.  I fire a loop of argentium 20 gauge wire between the pieces of glass and add a sterling silver split bail from FDJ Tools to complete.  The only problem is that any glass with lead will react with the wire usually all reds, creams, etc..   I do the same when making earrings except I make a smaller loop and slide onto your earwire.  There is a graduated wire wrapping tool that helps you make consistent loops for each project.  Also PMC+ Silver bails add a distintion to your pieces, but the same rules apply about the glass, that is why I use only Crystal Clear to clear cap my pieces.  I texture the design into my bail strips then wrap them around wooden dowels greased with badger balm to dry, you decide the length of the tail to be fused into the glass.  I also recommend a small piece of fiber paper be placed between the bail and the glass, just in case the glass gets a bit over fused.  After they are dried slide them off and fire your finished bails in a clay saucer filled with vermiculite in your kiln.  Then place in a tumbler with stainless steel shot, 1/2 teaspoon of dawn soap covered with water and tumbled until polished about 2 hours.  You can treat the bail with liver of sulphur if you want to accent the piece, but since you will have to retumble after firing between the glass I do not bother with this.  I once figured that the cost was about $2.00 per bail when the PMC+ was about $36.00 for 28 grams.

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