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Another source for mica is

Their customer service is fantastic. I order cosmetic grade mica often and I can’t say the same thing for other suppliers. BTW- various suppliers rename colors instead of sticking with the manufacter name so if you order from more than one site you might end up with duplicates unintentionally.

TKB labels each mica with the ingredients (mica is a clear sort of redish mineral, the colors come from additives) and you can see the information before you order. Below is an example (antique copper) of the info listed.


FDA Approved for:

LipsEyesFace, Nails

Use in Soap:    Stable and Non-bleeding

Particle Size:    Not available

Titanium Dioxide7789113463-67-7
Iron Oxide774911309-37-1
Iron Oxide774991317-61-9
Warnings:  Wash hands after handling.


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