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In the past, I air-brushed transparent enamels from Reusche’ but that was before I realized how dangerous that is!! Please don’t do it. Lead particles become airborne, and even if you wear a good mask, those particles are going to deposit on surfaces all over your studio. Just not a good idea.

I have recently air-brushed stainer enamels (lead free) also from Reusche’ and have had moderate success with them. Color choice is limited, but they air-brush easily and cure fire at around 1200 – will tolerate higher temps if need be.

Purchased some Bullseye Colorline and some air-brush medium, but haven’t had a chance to try them … unfortunately, these enamels require firing in the 1400° range, so your glass will “move”, and in some cases, the colors will change a lot. This seems to be the general problem with most other enamels that I have purchased … they require higher firing temperature than I would prefer to use.

Fuse Master does make a low fire line of enamels that cures under 1200°, and will survive 1400° – I have some of them, too, but haven’t tried them. At least with FuseMaster (from Fusion Headquarteres) there is a decent palette of colors. Fuse Master also sells Air-Brush Medium. Most of the enamels I mentioned are “opaque,” but when air-brushed in very thin layers, they behave more like transparent colors.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.


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