I prefer using adhesives to epoxies (less messy). However, I like BOTH E6000 & triolyse. But I’m cheap and E6000 is, too ;-) Seriously – the secrets to good adherence: absolutely rough up the surfaces and clean them well. You want to COVER the area of the bail, but only THINLY. A good way is to put a dab on the bail, squeeze it onto the cabochon. Some, but not a lot, should spill over the edges. If a lot comes out, you need to use less. The nice thing about E6000 is that once you give it plenty of time to cure (48 hours is good), then you can clean up the excess with a craft knife. With regard to waiting time – if you want a good bond, it needs to cure. Consider this  – Hextal (sp?) glass laminating glue takes over a week to cure!!

If you are using triolyse – remember – give the solvent a good 30 seconds to evaporate after application before sticking the adhesive side to the solvent side. Again – a little, but not much, should squeeze out from the bail if you are using the right amount. After curing, it cleans up nicely with alcohol. Triolyse yellows – don’t use it on transparent pieces.


Have a great day!


 ~ KPT


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