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I’m new to this type of glass. I found the article on this site and thought it was very cool 😎 and decided to give it a try.
I used 2 small pieces of 1/16 inch thick kiln paper stacked in each corner. Not sure if this is correct but it seemed to work.
As for the weight, I used an old broken kiln shelf.
When it cracked was after the third firing. I was trying to get it just a little bit larger when it melted and ran over the edge of the shelf 😂. I then cut it down to size with a tile saw with a glass blade and used my glass grinder to help shape it. Then the 4th firing was to fuse the broken pieces back together.
The 5th was to fire polish the surface.
6th was to slump into the tray mold.
And that was my first attempt at warm glass. 😵. I loved it.

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