Mosaic Catch-o-matic!

Mosaic Catch-o-matic

Some ideas are so simple and so useful that we wonder why we never thought of them earlier.

We think that this is just one of those ideas.

If you've ever used mosaic tile cutters then you've probably spent some time on your hands and knees picking pieces of glass off of the floor. For a long time we've solved the problem using mosaic cutters manufactured by Paradise Glass Co., Ltd. in Japan. These ingenious cutters have a clever little bag that catches pieces as they are cut. Unfortunately, they are also two to three times as expensive as the common bagless variety.

Here's an alternative that costs less and (we think) works better!

All you need is a standard wheel-style mosaic cutter, two dollars worth of common hardware store parts (shown below), a recycled Bullseye frit jar (or other plastic jar with an approximately 2.5 inch (6.5 cm) opening, and five minutes to put it all together.

Here's your shopping list for the hardware store:

5/8” (#4) Hose Clamp
(Plumbing Department)

Small hose clamp

3 inch (#40) Hose Clamp
(Plumbing Department)

Large hose clamp

1” Corner Brace
(Hardware Department)

Corner Brace

Simply assemble as shown in the pictures below and enjoy!

Mosaic Catcher Closeup


Mosaic Catcher Closeup



great idea

Mahalo for the great idea.  Just last night I was using the nipper and was looking all over for the small but tiny pieces.

Barry Gitelson


This is great!  Thanks for sharing.


Aloha Barry,

Your Mahalo intrigued me, are you from the Islands.

I lived there for many years and now in Austin.

HI All, When I was doing a

HI All, When I was doing a lot of mosaics, I cut into a larg clear plastic freezer type zip lock bag. Not only great for easy identification, but good recycling of used ziplock bags.


I have a Lifelong Passion For Glass


Finally got around to assembling and I wish I had done it weeks ago!  Your easy to follow directions and pictures are great.

Even easier and cheaper way... is a simple way to reign in those flying pieces.  I use a large ziplock bag and hold my tool and piece of glass inside and nip away.  The bag is clear so I can see what I am doing and I have an instant container to zip closed when I am finished.


You should put the screw of

You should put the screw of the 3" hose clamp more towards the top so the whole thing looks more like a face with a hat.

I was in the Bullseye store

I was in the Bullseye store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and they had a mosaic cutter with a little bag that sold for over $80.  I decided to try this instead.  Not only were the instructions very easy to follow, but it works!!!.  I used to have this old vinyl comfoter bag that I would cut in to keep the glass from flying all over the place.  Now all I need is this little tool.  Thanks so much for sharing this! Smile


Brilliant!  What a relief.  No more "tent" setup (which, by the way, doesn't work anyway) when I want to chop up scrap glass.  THANK YOU!!!!

Love it! Kathy

Love it!


mosaic/milli nipper

Diane L Palumbo   thanks  had the plumbing parts but didn't have directions.

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