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Hi - desperately need help!

I had this great idea to make fused knobs and pulls for my new kitchen; usually I work in stained glass, and fusing is rare for me, so I don't know suppliers.

I've got the door handles, 4 x 1, done but when it came to the pulls for the drawers I came up against a blank when I tried to find blanks! I want to make them square, about an inch, but I can only find round blanks with a hollowed-out middle that you sink the glass in to. I want to make the squares of glass and glue on to the surface of the knob, so I guess they could be round or square, but must be flat.

The couple of companies I found, back in February, have had them on back order since then and my kitchen is done bar the knobs. I'd really appreciate any help in tracking down bases.

Many thanks!

Drawer Pulls

Hi Rona

A few places you could look include www.delphiglass.com, www.slumpys.com/SlumpysStore and www.colourdeverre.com.  I'm not sure what country you are in but the service from the states isn't too bad if you live down under.

Alternately you could consider just fusing 2 layers of glass together and then tidying up the edges by coldworking them, depending on what depth of glass you are after.

Good luck with them

Perth, Western Australia

Blank square knobs for fused glass cabs


found some square blanks for your knobs here’s the link hope this helps

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