Recycled Glass Installation in Park

Hi All:

I wanted to provide a link to a public art grant project (permanent park installation) that I just completed in Arlington County Virginia.  It consists of 40 large cast recycled glass dragonflies and took me nine months to create.  We believe it is the largest and first sculpture/non utilitarian  project of its kind  in the US and I used cast window glass, plate glass and bottle glass.

The info going on the sign is below.

Cindy Ann Coldiron
Destination, 2010
Kiln cast recycled glass
Residing in a circle that is intersected by three paths, in Destination by Cindy Ann Coldiron (b. 19xx) the dragonflies are all flying towards their goal of the center concrete and glass "pond." Dragonflies symbolize renewal, change and activity and each of the three paths lead to different destinations in the park. Since the dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live its life to the fullest. in the shortest time. This destination for them is a pond but for each of us, it is something different. The number 40 signifies maturity and completion of a test or trial.
Coldiron created each dragonfly for this "green" project using 40 hand sculpted clay models that were cast in plaster and silica. After removal of the clay, the mold was filled with discarded bottle, window or plate glass. Colorants were added using frits and enamels along with a special glow powder for some of the molds. The molds were kiln fired at over 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. After cooling, the glass was cold worked with a wet tile saw and sandblasted.
Metal Work Design by Arlington County.
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