I have just started doing some vitrigraph. I took a stainless steel pan lid with the screw off lid, which left a hole about the size of a regular hole punch. I put a few pieces of colored glass over the hole and propped the lid on 2 inch kiln posts. As the glass melted (I have a kiln with the elements in the top, and the kiln had to be a little over 1500 degrees), the melted glass dripped through the hole and not only landed in a pile that spread out slowly, but with each new drip, it made a little ring similar to rings on a slice of tree bark. Looks very pretty! Caren

Vitrigraph or pot melt?

Hi Caren -

With a vitrigraph, the glass comes out the bottom of the kiln (into open air). Vitrigraphs are used to make organic "cords" (stringers) of glass.

When you melt the glass onto a shelf, in a kiln, it pools out - this is called a pot melt (or aperture pour). 

Sounds like you did the second - right?

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