Effects of metallic fumes on kiln

New to fusing, but I have my own kiln, a Skutt Firebox 14.  I have so many ideas that involve metals, like art metal clays and silver or gold leaf, but I don't know what the effect of metals in the kiln will be.  My first instructor told me not to put metals in the kiln with very few exceptions (and of course, I can't remember what the exceptions are.  Brass and copper, I think), because the fumes can pernanently damage the bricks and my glass results would be forever horrible.  So what exactly do the fumes do?  Has anyone ever used metals in their glass jewelry with good results?  And what can I use?  I really want to use my gold leaf I just bought.  Cool  Really, really.  Thanks!


Metals in the kiln

Most metals can be used in the kiln without damage to the elements.  In fact, I can not think of one that will damage the elements.

However, silver stains the shelves it touches.  This stain transfers to the next piece of glass you put over the shelf.  So separate shelves are required for silver metal and stains, or 3mm thick fibre paper to prevent staining of the shelf.

Other than silver stain, the metal residue will not affect the glass.

One more caveat though.  Zinc and possibly other metals give off toxic fumes.  These fumes are dangerous to YOUR health, not the kiln's.

Stephen Richard

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Thanks for your help on

Thanks for your help on that!  I did try it with the gold leaf encased in glass for fusing, and had no problems - other than the gold mostly fired away and looked more like somone sneezed on my project than like fine art.  So my next question is: where do I buy gold foil?  I read about this in Richard La Londe's book, but I'm having a heck of time finding it.  Does anyone know of any resources?



Gold foil

Bullseye sell it.  I suppose other stained glass suppliers do too.

Stephen Richard

blogs at: http://www.verrier-glass.blogspot.com/   and  http://www.glasstips.blogspot.com/

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