Make Your Own Professional Strip Cutter

We recently designed an exceptional "strip" cutter using only parts from the local hardware store and a stock Toyo glass cutter replacement head (available online and from most local artglass resellers).

Cutter performance is comparable to versions costing over $400.

To see the cutter in use and have the option to purchase a detailed parts list and step-by-step instructions to build your own for only $10 visit this page:

Strip Cutter Details and Support

Here's an idea what the instructions look like:

Sample Strip Cutter Insruction Page


Work Surface

Paul, what work surface do you recommend for attaching the cutter?  Thanks.  Paula

You want something the glass

You want something the glass will slide across. MDF works well. Carpet (Berber) would probably work well too.

Helios Kiln Glass Studio



Not sure about Berber, maybe kirkuz or a nice Turkman will work better.

Strip cutter details

I can appreciate that you have gone to great lengths to put this information together, but before I pay my money I would dearly like to see the list of components to see if I can buy all of them in France or the UK and do a bit of research on it - any chance of that please?


Many thanks

I was planning a trip to

I was planning a trip to Lowe's today anyways.  Now have a list of extras to pick up.  Husband will build (but not today Frown)

Terry Curtis


Hi Paul, I don't seem to be able to open up the paypal icon.  I really want one of these. How can I get one?

Ordering by Phone

What do you see when you click on the link?

You can call the studio (512-996-0960) during our retail hours ( and pay by phone and we'll email you the file.

Helios Kiln Glass Studio



Is your system Morton compatible? I cut a lot of triangles, a polygon here and there.


Kudos!  I was having a hard

Kudos!  I was having a hard time cutting good straight lines - especially when I wanted one piece of glass to lay directly next to another piece.  It seemed that when I would hand cut it along a ruler or straight edge I would always have a little wobble here or there that wasn't noticeable until I tried joining to another piece of glass.

I've only used my newly installed glass cutter a few times so far, but am impressed with the straightness of the edge.  And to top it off, my husband did not get frustrated with yet another "honey, will you build this for me project" that looks easy on paper, but when you actually begin to build it - it's not.  He had it finished in a couple of evenings after work and only one trip to Lowe's!

I am using it on an MDF surface and it slides fine.

Thanks for coming up with an affordable solution - I love this new art medium that I have entered into but wished that the tools were not quite so expensive!


Ease of Cutting

I took the instructions, complete with details for components, down to the hardware store.  A gentleman shuffled around and helped me locate everything I needed.  I built the cutter myself.  My husband was impressed.  The only change I made was to use a heavy brass knob for the handle.  Because I wanted to use the cutter with my daughter, who is autistic and has mild cerebral palsy in her hands, the added weight was a bonus.  Kerry was able to score the glass by herself using almost no pressure.  Then she snapped a glass strip.  Wow!  She was ecstatic.  The only other tools I need are some jigs to help her line up the glass for specific widths of cuts.  Thanks Paul!

strip cutter

carol bruschetti the instructions i printed were blured so i missed some stuff and i was still able to put it together and it works great! for 10.00 try it!

Strip Cutter

I purchased the plans, made the cutter and I love it. I did take the liberty to make a few changes. (1) For the "Slider Guides" I used bronze bushings from Ace Hardware ($2.45 each). (2) I did not use the "Slider Body/Arm Connector" Instead I filed the top of the threads down on the "Cutter Arm" and epoxied it directly into the ""Slider Body". and (3) I made the "Rail Stands" out of wood.

item #s

Are the item #s for Lowes still current or are the equivalent items still available?

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