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I'm sure this is a question that has been posted already. But, I must ask anyway.  Ok, so I am new to glass fusing.  I tried experimenting with fusing glass in my ultra lite kiln.   ok laugh :) 

I will soon buy a regular glass kiln.  I would like to make jewelry pendant with float glass and colorful bubbles.  I saw a youtube video ( and a book on the amazon website.  The problem is that both are not in english.  I really would like to learn this technique.   I've been searching the web and some say use baking soda, bubble powder or copper oxide.  I want to make colorful bubbles and I don't want to things to get too expensive.  Does anyone has any DIY suggestions?


First, forget float.  It

First, forget float.  It requires too much heat, devitrifies easilly, is stiff - wont allow bubbles to form easilly.

Stephen Richard

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forget float

Steve, you forgot!

Also, float is highly highly limiting in smaller pieces. Far fewer choices.

Barry Kaiser

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Happy christmas season to all!

Stephen Richard

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Thanks for the advise. 

Thanks for the advise.  Here is another example of what I am talking about.



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