Aim 84J Kiln

If anybody knows where I can get a decent sent of instructions for this kiln please let me know.  I purchased one on Ebay and the instructions that came with it are no help.  If you have had experience with this kiln or have instructions you can email me, please let me know.  I have waited so long to get my own kiln and now I am afraid to use the darn thing.  Thanks!

Congrats on the new kiln

Hi, Sounds like we are starting out with new kilns together. So glad I am not the only one. 

If you don't have it here is the web site for the manufacturer of your kiln.

Here is the email address, I imagine they would send you the instructions.  My kiln didn't have any with it and I found it on their web site but mine is a Paragon.   800-AIM KILN (246-5456) or e-mail:

Actually your kiln sounds a lot like mine after looking at it.   I had the instructions and was still afraid to use it LOL.  Now I am so excited with it I can't make myself get back to work on the mosaic orders I have for Christmas!


I really appreciate the encouragement.  Ever since I took a fusing glass I have wanted to do this and have a notebook full of sketches and ideas.  I am determined to overcome my fears and take the first steps.  I did find some more information at the website so with luck I might actually create something without burning down the house.  Thanks! 

Lively One

If I can do it so can you LOL

Well I have done 2 loads in my kiln now and it is addicting.  I am waiting for kiln wash to dry on my kiln shelves now so I can try again.  The only problem I had was the kiln wash sticking to most of my pieces.  I think I was suppose to put them in the kiln and fire them for a bit b4 I put glass on them. 

My first load came out with some absolutely beautiful cabs.  I made 5 necklaces so far and wore one of them on my round to pick up mosaic "junk" and already have people wanting to know if they can buy some or take a class.  My mosaic students are anxious to learn it now too.  At first they were worried I would do this full time and not teach mosaics anymore. 

You won't burn down the house and if you have a few pieces  turn out yucky the great thing about this we can have do overs.  I have a lot of sketches too, some way beyond what I can do right now but I will get there and so will you.  We will get through this together and end up doing all sorts of amazing things with our kilns.  I have faith in us!

What I have found is if you

What I have found is if you fire too long the glass sticks to the kiln wash. On all of my firing schedules I constantly keep checking, peeking in, to see if it is at the stage I want it to look. I only do this, of course, as it hits the last ramp temp. If you're using thins, I almost never have a hold time of the highest temp. Different thicknesses of stacking also makes a difference. And I Always, Always make sure the kiln wash is dry. I usually kiln wash the day before or as I am making a piece to give it at least 24 hours air time to dry. When I first started out, all these temperatures scared me the most. Just relax and its alot easier than it sounds. I have to say, after almost 2 years I have never had a devit piece, so I must be doing something right. I just don't think its as much chemistry as some folks make it out to be. Don't be scared, jump right in, the water is great!



New Book using those type of kilns

My latest book "Glass forming with the Mold Block System" is using this type of kiln for all the projects. I describe explicit how to fire it even with some bigger projects. It is only $ 13.95 and on top of it has many unusual ideas. Please check our web site for more info

have fun


petra kaiser -


Does it have a Bartlett controller?

Does yours have the Bartlett controller, or is it the infinite switch?

I have an AIM with Bartlett controller, and was able to get the instructions more easily from Bartlett.  I found AIM to be difficult to work with!

Have fun with this...and congrats on your purchase!


Controller Instructions

We have written two easy to follow instructions - one for Orton one for Bartlett - you can find them here -

have fun

petra kaiser - - Students Blog: http://www.myglassart.or

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