New Dichroic Glass Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets Listed

Several new dichroic glass pieces listed.  Some with glass fusing decals that can be fired on dark glass.  Visit our Etsy store to view.

We also have an informative blog that gives tips on glass jewelry making.

I look forward to participating in these forums


Tree of Life

Just wanted to say that I love your tree.

Best of luck with your shop



Thanks so much Jenn!  Our glass fusing decals have really taken off.  It is fun!



Hello jenn I am new bie here

Hello jenn

I am new bie here and, I would like that you post here its pics. And i know it will like to every one who visit fussedglass..


These folks make GREAT decals!!


Being a girl I am very fond

Being a girl I am very fond of jewellery, bracelets and pendants are my favourites. The collection you showed is also looking beautiful. I found this article in australian writing org services and tips you have mentioned in making them are also very useful for people like me to make things by own.

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