Fused glass weaving.

Does anyone have any helpful tips or techniques for fused glass weaving?


I had seen a technique at Helios...

It involved laying pieces of metal pipe  in the kiln, coated with kiln wash.  They were of a small (3/4"?  1/2"?) diameter, and spaced about an inch apart.  Do NOT use galvanized pipe, because it will emit toxic fumes. I'm not sure what size pipe is available.  I'm thinking you could also use copper tubing from the plumbing department, but it would need to be kiln washed.

I don't have a firing schedule, but it looks like you could use a slump schedule with a fast ramp.

This makes s-shaped pieces with the width of glass you want to weave...1/2"?  You then arrange them (see the picture), and stick a straight piece of glass through the openings...

Weave me the sunshine. . . .

There's a number of ways to create the strips that can then be woven. If you want a true weave, you can get a stainless steel mold that works well. I've seen graphite rods used as well as a ceramic mold or strips of fiber paper. And, of course, you can always simply lay strips of glass on top of each other  which isn't a true weave, but it can be just as delightful.


The key to making it work is patience and a keen eye on temperature. Slump the strips onto the metal mold, then weave them once they are cool. That's the fun part-- trying to get a combination of colors that works together well. The "weave" is then tack fused. Finally after all that, slump the woven glass.


You might try checking out http://www.glass-fusing-made-easy.com/glass-weaving.html.


This one is also a "true" weave

I saw in the next posting (great info, thanks!) that there is a stainless mold for a basketweave.

This pipe technique also creates a true weave.

You can also slump over

You can also slump over copper pipes.  Wrap the pipes in shelf paper.

The copper will spall (flake) but it won't hurt the glass.

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Helios Kiln Glass Studio


There is another way to do

There is another way to do this, as described in Gil Reynold's book:



Fused glass weaving

Weaving is not hard to do if you have a mold,( no measuring, etc. as with the pipes and fiber paper strips).  I'm hoping to teach this technique as soon as Future Forms (now FIrelite) comes out with a smaller mold to fit the smaller kilns.

RE: Another way to do this

Steve -- Thanks for that link! I have glass on order to do a small plate as a gift for friends, and have been researching weaving techniques all morning. This looks like the ticket!



30" by 16" open weave piece slumping schedule

Does anyone have a firing schedule for slumping a 30" by 16" open weaved piece. I have already tack fused it to 1350.

Slumping schedule for tacked fused 30" by 16" open weave

How should I slump fuse a 30" by 16" open weaved piece that has been tack fused


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