firing schedule for small jewelry pieces

I am fusing my small jewelry pieces at the same firing schedule I fire my big pieces.  Sometimes they get small snags on the corners and I'm thinking it's too hot (1465 for 96 coe) or I'm holding it too long.  Any suggestions for a good schedule for jewelry pieces (two layers, two inches max)?  Thanks

I have had good results

I have had good results firing at a higher temp.  Try raising it to around 1500 degrees F.

RE: Firing schedule for small jewelry piecese

I have had good luck firing to 1000 deg F at a rate of 1000/hr, then full speed to about 1475-ish, hold for 15 minutes, flash cool to 1000, and then just letting it cool on its own. I have a small paragon kiln with the bead door & view window.

The only time I have gotten rough edges is when I have tried to use a small strip of fiber blanket to leave an opening, and the top piece was smaller than the bottom (I was learning and clueless. Well, I still am :)


Jewellery designers

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One of our workshop

One of our workshop participants had beautiful jewelry and when I asked him why, he was so kind to share this info with us. Fire lower than usual and hold a bit longer. In my kiln I take it to 1420 and hold for 15 to 20 minutes.

petra kaiser - - Students Blog: http://www.myglassart.or

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small jewelry pieces

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