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Hi I am a newbie and i have just purchased my first kiln a Skutt Firebox8 I am having trouble understanding if my firing schedule is correct as the pyrometer that came with the kiln is in degrees c not Degrees f. I have only done 5 firings but the edges of my pendants on the 3 layer ones are not quite meeting. 2 layers are fine.

Please Please Please could anyone please give me the best firing schedule for my kiln.

Thanks Treez

Pam B It is hard to give a

Pam B

It is hard to give a fusing schedule when we don't know what you did..but for 3 layers versus 2 you will need a  higher temp  and or, longer soak times.  Try soaking for around 15-20 min at around 1000 f before going to the peak temp and if that is not enough then soak at the peak temp for 10 - 15 mins.  Hope this helps... I have found patience is the hardest thing to learn when fusing.  I don't peek much anymore.


That may be what im doing. I

That may be what im doing. I keep checking. Havn't had the guts so far to leaveto leave it without checking as i thought the glass might over melt.  Undecided

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