Drop Rings

I'd like to try my  hand at using a drop ring.  I have a 6" square ring, does anyone know how much glass to use?  I'd like to drop it approximately 3.5" - 4.5".  I have a 5.75" square tile I'd like to use, is this an ok size try?

Thanx for any suggestions you all might have.

Square Drop Rings

Square drop rings can be tricky - the rims have a tendency to fall through the hole.

Your best bet is to use the file width of the drop ring - so for a 6" square I'd use a 6" square piece of glass.  Two layers should be fine.

All slumps - and drop rings especially - work best when you run them at low temps for longer times.  That allows the glass to heat and stretch evenly.

As far as the height of the drop goes - you'll need to peek in the kiln every so often at slumping temps to see where it is. 


Helios Kiln Glass Studio


drop ring - size of hole and size of glass

I took a drop bowl course several years ago but my notes are silent on how big I can make a hole in the concretized ceiling tile I bought.

More specifically, I have a 3/8 piece of glass about 11 inches square. I have a 12 inch square of the tile.

If I'm dropping the bowl 4 inches what is the limit to the size of the hole I can cut in the tile?


I fear that if I go near 9 inches the glass may pull away from the top of the tile and flop down the hole in the center of the tile onto the kiln shelf

I realize that a very cautious "lower slower" schedule will have to be used.


I'd appreciate any wisdom that might be lurking

Dave Gustafson

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