tack fusing schedule

can some recommend a good tack fusing schedule for tack fusing pendants? thanks


For pendants you can

For pendants you can probably just go full speed to tack fuse\fire polish temp (1325°F is a good temp to try with no hold). The cool/anneal - for pendants this probably means just turning off the kiln and letting it cool naturally.

Helios Kiln Glass Studio


Tack fuse/fire polish

I want to say thank you, Paul, for this simple schedule.  Not being particularly experienced in fusing, I've played around with all kinds of fusing schedules with 4 or 5 segments and holds, always wondering how the items will look at the end, and jotting down notes in my firing journal.  I have several pendants and a small clock piece that require a tack fuse or fire polish.   If a particular piece does not have the look I want, then I'll refire; otherwise, I using this schedule first.  :D


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