Fused Glass Installations and Landscapes.

Does anyone do fused glass landscapes and installations.  I have not found a lot of these on the internet. 

 Am interested in ideas on how to hang them.  I have developed my own system of hanging by cutting up shapes from plexiglas and adding wire hangings.  The one in the gallery here is 48 X 34 inches and done in panels using this system.

Magic Glass Lady

Is this viewable?

I would be interested in seeing how you do the installation. Is there a web site addy for that?

I've found that stainless steel wire/cable available at my local outdoors store (Gander Mtn, Cabela's, etc.) is great for hanging any glass items inside or out.

Showing photos

>> Is there a web site addy for that?

There are instructions on including photos to your Forum messages here:


Helios Kiln Glass Studio


Fused Glass Installations and Landscapes

I will take some photos in a few days here so you can see what I have done.

Magic Glass Lady

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